Richard Peck, DTM
Candidate for International President Elect
'More Members, Achieving More'
Not a tagline. A promise.

Member Focused Initiatives

Toastmasters thrives when it serves our members, not the other way around. As we launch the Pathways learning experience and other initiatives, it’s paramount that we meet the needs of members at all levels of Toastmasters experience.

Increase Membership Diversity

We’re stronger together, and we need to attract and embrace new groups and types of members to accelerate our growth and introduce diverse perspectives.

Deliver On Brand Promise

To meet the “Where Leaders Are Made” commitment, we must understand how leadership expectations are changing, and develop programs to empower and support future Toastmasters, business and community leaders.

Provide Timely, Relevant Training

The short leadership terms in Toastmasters means on-the-job training is not practical or, in some cases, effective. We need to provide time-relevant training to help Toastmasters leaders understand and perform their club or district roles.